Every year 5,000 low-income 1st grade students enter the Denver Public School System without ever seeing an eye doctor. More than 1,900 of them need glasses. The Denver Public School System currently has more than 27,000 low-income students who need some level of vision correction. Von's Vision was formed around this need.


Von's Vision Center

Von’s Vision Centers are mobile optometry kiosks that allow in-need students to receive vision care on an ongoing basis without the burden of transportation. These customized centers hold fashionable eyewear and accessories, creating a unique and exciting optical center on wheels. Volunteer medical providers conduct on-site eye screenings and exams at each Von’s Vision Center location. Children in need will “shop” for fashionable eyewear from the Von’s Vision Center and their fulfilled glasses will be delivered back to the participating Von’s Vision Center location. The Vision Center also holds Von’s Vision swag for the students to access, such as branded lens cleaning clothes, lens cleaning wipes, wrist bands, glasses cases, and more.

So far, Von’s Vision has launched Vision Centers at the Broncos Boys & Girls Club in Denver, the Cope Boys & Girls Club in Denver, and Texas A&M University’s Student Health Services. A fourth Von’s Vision Center is set to open at a Denver Boys & Girls Club in 2021, courtesy of Schomp Automotive + Subaru.
Von's Vision Center

Von's Locker

Von’s Lockers are the newest community outreach program of Von’s Vision and, like the Vision Centers, offer a permanent fixture that gets students brand-new prescription glasses without the burden of transportation. Von’s Lockers allow students who already have accurate prescriptions to easily select a new pair of glasses, bypassing the screenings and exams. Conducted in partnership with Hero Practice Services, Von’s Locker allows clinical volunteers to provide a continuum of care to the students who are served through Von’s Vision. This means that issues like broken glasses and changing prescriptions can be resolved in a timely manner. Regular ‘Von’s Locker Days’ will allow children in the community affiliated with Adventure Vision and Academy Kids to come in for a new pair of glasses, completely free of charge.

In 2020, Von’s Vision opened its first Von’s Locker within Texas A&M University’s Student Health Services. An additional thirteen Von’s Lockers are now situated at Adventure Vision and Academy Kids locations along Colorado’s front range.

Von's Vision Days

The flagship outreach program of the foundation is Von’s Vision Day. Von’s Vision Day provides children from across our target markets – identified and invited through our relationships with schools, after-school programs, and community organizations – with access to free eye-screening and, if needed, a free eye exam conducted by volunteer optometrists and ophthalmologists. Exclusive frames provider, Etnia Barcelona, offers a large selection of high-end, fashion-forward frames for program participants to choose from. Through our industry partnerships, Von’s Vision fulfills the prescription lenses and delivers a final pair of prescription glasses to the program recipient.

Von’s Vision has held annual Vision Day programs in Denver every year since 2014, providing over $3 million in no-cost eyecare and corrective eyewear. Through partnership with Etnia Barcelona, Von’s Vision has also held “roadshow” Vision Day programs in Miami, Las Vegas and Kansas City.
Von's Vision Days

Von's Vision Exam Day at Texas A&M University

As an extension of the Von's Vision Center and Von’s Locker programs, Von's Vision hosts 'Exam Days' on the campus of Texas A&M University for undergraduate students attending Von's alma mater on financial aid. Hosted at the Von's Vision Center in the Student Health Services building, students are able to register for these monthly Exam Days, where the receive no-cost vision screenings, eye examinations and a new pair of prescription glasses. The program aims to ensure that subpar vision is not a barrier to students exceeding in the classroom and achieving a college degree. Texas A&M students interested in participating in this program can learn more by clicking here.

Von's Vision Day Celebration

Von's Vision Day Celebration

Each spring, all children and young adults in Denver who participated in a Von’s Vision Day program the prior year is invited to a special Von’s Vision Day Celebration at Mile High Stadium. This program celebrates those impacted by the foundation and gives Von himself an opportunity to interact with these individuals, and in some cases putting their glasses on them for the first time.

Von’s Vision Day Celebration has been held every year in since 2014 in conjunction with the flagship Von’s Vision Day program. Children receive an opportunity to meet one of their idols, get an autograph, and explore the stadium that the Denver Broncos call home. Food, drinks and games are also included in this fun annual celebration.

Through all its outreach programming, Von's Vision has provided more than $3.6 million in eyecare and corrective. Every spring, the past year's programming culminates in the annual Von's Vision Day Celebration.


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